A Woman, A Piano


A Woman, A Piano….…and three very different pieces daily

                                      during the Fringe


Continuing her association with C Theatre,

Sue Casson  (with English Cabaret)  spends  the festival at  

C’s new venue, C south, at Lutton Place..




The Happy Prince was warmly received by audiences and critics alike when it premiered at the Fringe in 2012 and has since played The Bridewell in London and The International Gay Theatre Festival in Dublin.


‘Transporting, enchanting and moving. A delight.’ (Thos Ribbits - Musicaltalk)


‘There can be no more charming and radiant a show at the Fringe this year.’ AYoungerTheatre.com


‘nothing could outshine the warmth, charm and sensitivity of this beautifully simple musical.’ Gaytheatre.ie

The Happy Prince will play C south (main theatre) at 12.00 noon each day (not 11thAug) throughout the fringe.




In  the afternoon (at 5.20 pm in the Main Theatre at C south), Casson will host The English Cabaret Hour  singing her clever, catchy and haunting songs at the piano, including her tribute to Fringe debutant Jeremy Paxman.  Joining her The English Singing Baker, offering stage-baked cake and song.  And sketches from Upload – plumbing the depths of 15 seconds of computer fame. Guests may drop in.


‘Amazing jazz-style voice’ Broadway Baby


English Cabaret Hour will play C south (main theatre) at 5.20pm each day (not 1st, 2nd, 11th Aug)  throughout the fringe.



In the evening and in the church of St Peters, a chamber Girls Choir will perform

Dreams of Peace and Freedom.


This is a song cycle derived from music commissioned to accompany films that tell the story of Edinburgh-born David Maxwell Fyfe, who was first a prosecutor at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials, and later a champion of the European Convention of Human Rights.


Casson says, ‘Today it may seem strange that a Conservative MP (and later minister) should create the Convention, but the atrocities of two World Wars convinced of the need to protect basic freedoms.

Maxwell Fyfe was inspired in his work by the War Sonnets of Rupert Brooke, and in particular in Nuremberg by Scottish poet James Logie Robertson’s  poem Non Semper Imbres, so the cycle is based on settings of those poems. The songs are interwoven with words taken from his letters and writings. With the anniversary of the Magna Carta imminent, and our Human Rights legislation under threat, this feels an exciting and important time to perform this piece.’


Dreams of Peace and Freedom will play C south (church) at 7.45 pm each day (not  11th Aug)  through the fringe.


The programme will be directed by Casson’s long standing collaborator, Tom Blackmore.


For more information contact Tom Blackmore on 07896 038248 or at [email protected]


Notes to Editors:

- This is English Cabaret’s third year at the Fringe, Sue Casson has been playing the Fringe since 1988,

      presenting her Vivian Ellis finalist musical Two Tigers,  ballading After Midnight at the Café Royal with her

      band, Premier Cru, backing the Jiving Lindy Hoppers, and Singing the News with poet Simon Rae.

- For detailed information about her career visit www.suecasson.co.uk

- The Happy Prince at C south (main theatre) between 31 Jul-25 Aug (not 11) at 12.00 noon

- The English Cabaret Hour at C south(main theatre) between 31 Jul-25 Aug (not 1,2 or11) at 17.20

- Dreams of Peace and Freedom at C south (church) between 31 Jul-25 Aug (not 11) at 19.30

- For more information about David Maxwell Fyfe visit www.kilmuirpapers.org