a woman, a piano...

Casson has been writing and performing songs nearly all her life.


Beginning by accompanying herself at the piano, she made her radio debut singing her topical songs on Radio 4's Stop the Week and

Pick of the Week whilst still at college and soon afterwards formed jazz based trio Premier Cru and quartet Sharp Practise, recording several sessions for Radio 2's Night Ride. She has sung her songs in London and New York accompanied by arranger and conductor

John Jansson, and sung and played widely alongside multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire The Brannick Academy,

with whom she has recorded two CDs.


Over the years Casson's songwriting has grown to include musical scores, commissions for TV and stage shows.

In performance at the piano she re-imagines some of these for the intimacy of cabaret, or draws on her ever expanding repertoire of songs.  


Her solo show, a woman, a piano... and Last Call for Nefertiti premiered on the Edinburgh Fringe 2016, and

she is currently expanding her  song collection Beachcomber for live shows when circumstances allow.  

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a woman, a piano...

...and Last Call for Nefertiti


'This is a story about Nefertiti. But it's also the story of an academic archaeologist who obsessively pursued her, it's the story of a dreamer, who made it possible to go in search.


And it's my story, of what happened when I joined the academic and the dreamer in Egypt to provide a musical soundtrack to their quest. It was called Last Call for Nefertiti.'  

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a woman, a piano...



‘My mother liked nothing better than being by the sea, combing the shore for treasure – shells, pebbles oddly shaped driftwood, which she would gather and hoard.


Beachcombing is something like songwriting, nuggets of feeling, impressions, experiences, hoarded, and finally sung.'


Hear some of the songs from Beachcomber here.

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'a perfect marriage of words and music' MusicalTalk

'Excellent songs'

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'a great rapport with the audience and a gorgeous voice'

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Haunting original songs'

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