English Cabaret Hour for web final




Lily Blackmore as The English Singing Baker

Sketches from Upload with Robert Blackmore

and hosted by Casson, the English rose of cabaret



Directed by Tom Blackmore

singing baker 1 singing baker ollie flute and piano 1 Robert at computer casson solo baker and casson 5 backing paxo 2 robert and ollie

Celebrity Cafe opened  at C South, St Peters, Lutton Place on 31st July 2014 and

played 3rd - 25th August at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

'sophisticated cabaret culture lets its' hair down. A triumph'


'Charmingly quaint... and yet it's 21st century savvy... ' HERALD SCOTLAND

'Singer Sue Casson is a seasoned performer and holds it all together as she sings original songs, including a tribute to political journalist Jeremy Paxman.... Casson has a great rapport with the audience and a gorgeous voice'



'... a young Patrick Moore interviewing yer snotty YouTube pompous

know-it-all played by himself' 




'performing her own bake-off, complete with cupcakes'



'sketches, song, and the baking of mini-cupcakes'

'as charming as the cupcakes handed out to the audience members

and a pleasant way to spend an hour on a drizzly Edinburgh day.'





'..doesn't need any X factor tricks

to showcase her voice' 


www.atomies .org

Celebrity Cafe


by Casson

with Lily Blackmore flute

Sketches from Upload

The English Singing Baker

English Cabaret 1a

Celebrity Cafe


English Cabaret 1a