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The English Singing Baker premiered in the English Cabaret Hour of 2014 and developed in 2015. It is an onstage/online project of recipes and songs which explores Lily's twin passion of baking and singing. Lily explains below.

'Sing as you bake'

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Find a treasure trove of songs, recipes and all things English Singing Baker by clicking the image below or by visiting www.lilyblackmore.co.uk

Lily says...


'English Singing Baker is an outlet for my twin passions - singing and baking. Originally, the idea came from baking at home and listening, or mainly singing along, to my favourite soundtrack as I baked.


Singing has always been a part of me and having sung for 7 years with Southwark Cathedral Girl's Choir and performed with English Cabaret all over the UK, I felt ready to work up some of my own choice of material into a cabaret persona.


I am also a keen self taught baker - baking at any available opportunity and watching the professionals at work and learning new techniques from Food TV.


Since 2014, the English Singing Baker has evolved from being a cabaret persona, over two years at C South at the Edinburgh Fringe to becoming online entertainment.


Over the two years of English Cabaret Hour, I learnt a lot about baking in performance. I loved singing my choice of songs as well as baking however it was more stressful on the production side than I expected. It was however fantastic to distribute cakes or biscuits to the audience and see the immediate reaction on their faces.


Moving on from the English Cabaret Hour, I decided that it would be interesting to transfer my onstage work online into a series of videos named 'ESB Monthly Bake' Throughout 2016, my plan is to upload a video with one of my new baking creations alongside a selection of 4 songs. I hope to reach out to a bigger audience and inspire people to enjoy baking new recipes with a rediscovered song soundtrack.'

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