Last Call for Nefertiti


Last Call*, Egyptologist*, Collector's Serenade* and

The Curse, words & music by Sue Casson.


Bizarre and not in Cairo, words Sue Casson, original song by Charlie Chester, Clinton Ford and Ken Morris.


Fair to the Pharaohs words & music by Casson & The Brannick Academy.


Old King Tut by Harry von Tilzer and William Jerome.


Tracks performed by Sue Casson & The Brannick Academy joined by The Favoured Few in the asterisked tracks.

Songs from Tom Blackmore's 2006 film following Nicholas Reeves search for the tomb of the ancient Egyptian Queen in the Valley of the Kings.


Piano / vocals                             Sue Casson


Bass and vocals                         The Brannick Academy

Cello                                           Caryl Caffery

Drums                                         Stephen Hiscock

Nefertiti bust 2


This year Casson is putting together a set of of songs drawn from this list to perform as part of a woman, a piano...


At the same time she is planning to draw on footage from Last Call for Nefertiti to make some music videos. You can see the first in the planned series, the title song, by clicking here. Subscribe our YouTube channel to be among the first to see the next!