'It was magical'

Julia Bryan, Senior Education Manager,

National Museums, Liverpool

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Our Liverpool Adventure

Written, Presented and Edited by

Robert Blackmore and Lily Blackmore

International Holocaust Memorial Day - 27th January 2016


The Evidence of Nuremberg

The International Slavery Museum  & Museum of Liverpool

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English Cabaret also visited the Museums of Liverpool with Dreams of Peace & Freedom in 2015 as part of

The Big Year for Freedom tour.  You can watch the vlog of that visit below.

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English Cabaret broadcast the first of their livestreams of

Dreams of Peace & Freedom from Liverpool in February 2015.

You can hear an excerpt here, sung by Lily Blackmore, Sue Casson and

Jessica Holgate.

'I went to a pre-view of the Russian film in Auschwitz concentration camp. When one sees children of Mo's age and younger in this horrible place and the clothes of infants who were killed, it is worth a year of our lives to help to register for ever and with practical result the reasoned horror of humanity.'

'It is just as well that in respect of the Nazi war crimes the apologist of the future will be confronted by the admissions of the many found guilty and the mass of incriminating documents produced at the trials'.


In January 1946, the prosecutors of Nuremberg were examining the millions of documents which established the guilt of the leading Nazis on trial. David Maxwell Fyfe was leading the British prosecution. He wrote home to his wife Sylvia :






Mo was Miranda, Maxwell Fyfe’s 7 year old daughter. Considering this body of evidence of Nazi brutality led him directly to his later work drafting the European Convention on Human Rights.