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A powerful combination of film, text, and performance exploring the birth of modern human rights after the Second World War. Told through the eyes of Nuremberg prosecutor and champion of the European Convention on Human Rights, David Maxwell Fyfe, his words intertwine with Sue Casson’s original musical settings of the poets who inspired him on his journey along his stream of natural law.


This piece is conceived and performed by professional theatre company, English Cabaret, formed of members of the next generation of Maxwell Fyfe’s family.

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'A richly layered piece conceived by Tom Blackmore and written by Sue Casson... Dreams of Peace & Freedom celebrates  the concept of natural law, by mixing words, music an images... (focussing) on both

the personal and the political.'

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'Brilliant and powerful blend of music, spoken word, and visuals. This tells a very necessary story not only of an amazing man, but also the hopelessness of man and mankind's hope for the future.

Brilliantly performed by the cast.'  derekawards

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This performance is staged at Seaford Baptist Church and we are very grateful to

Minister Andy Machin and Richard Faulkner for making this possible.