16th and 17th November 2016

David Maxwell Fyfe became involved in decisions about the plight of leading Nazis when he was made Solicitor General in 1943.

He continued that work as Attorney General in the interim post-war Conservative government. He found in Robert Jackson, the American prosecutor a like-minded idealist, who wanted to establish justice in the immediate aftermath of war. Together with the Russians and French, they drew up the Charter under which the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials were conducted.


Maxwell Fyfe's continued role at the Trials was at the invitation of  Hartley Shawcross, the Labout Attorney General, who was tied up delivering Labour's post-war agenda. Over the course of the year of trials Maxwell Fyfe established himself as a

pre-eminent cross-examiner and jurist.


The trials gave Maxwell Fyfe access to leading legal brains and radical thinking for solutions to the horror of thirty years of war.He also closely observed the leading Nazis and was able to chart in their records their descent from decency to holocaust.  He agreed with those who thought that all people, and all Europeans, needed to be made safe, and committed himself to the establishment of the security.

In November 2015 the City of Nuremberg commemorated the 70th anniversary of the  opening of the War Crimes Trials at the Palace of Justice, Nuremberg. Some of the last eye witnesses to the trial were invited to share their experiences in the historic courtroom and as a grandson of David Maxwell Fyfe, Tom Blackmore was invited to attend and take part.


Dreams of Peace & Freedom was subsequently filmed for a Russian documentary which will be broadcast next year.

2. The Palace of Justice 3. Inside Courtroom 600 4. Model of Courtroom 600 during the Trials Livestream of Nuremberg 70

The Palace of Justice, Nuremberg

The  event was live-streamed  

During the making of Under an English Heaven, Lily Blackmore took these photos of the courtroom at the Palace of Justice, and from the exhibition, a model of how the courtroom looked during the trials.

Nuremberg 2 (2)


English Cabaret were moved to perform Dreams of Peace & Freedom at the Nuremberg Trials permanent exhibition in the Palace of Justice, overlooking the courtroom where the Trials took place.

DoPaF 13

'Your performance was wonderful.

Everybody was impressed and moved.'

Dr Astrid Betz, Memorium Nurnberger Prozesse

Written, Presented and Edited by

Robert Blackmore and Lily Blackmore

DoPaF 1 DoPaF 6

In Courtroom 600

The cast, Robert, Sue, Lily and Jessica with

Henrike Claussen, Director of Memorium Nurnberger Prozesse

Filming for Cultural Solidarity

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Conceived & directed by Tom Blackmore

'The show was fantastic.'

Henrike Claussen, Director of Memorium Nurnberger Prozesse