Rest and peace eternal grant them.

In memory of those who have died at war.


Libera Me

When the cursed all are banished...

         ...summon me amongst the blessed.

The expulsion of the enemy within.

Dies Irae

Day of anger day of judgement...when all shall crumble into ashes

In memory of black Wednesday


Day of  bitter lamentation...pity this thy servant

When the day of work is over

Liber scriptus

All our sins are an open book.  

The tabloid press

Rex Tremendae

King omnipotent...fount of mercy

They made weapons for profitable slaughter



In loving memory of loving


Sacrifice and prayers we offer

Hear our prayer

In Paradisum

In paradise

The promised land

Lord deliver me from death....

(...and social responsibility)

Requiem Aeternam


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– a gloriously imaginative, compulsively witty musical evocation

of the ills

of contemporary Britain,

it uses a traditional requiem


to explore the plight of those

cold-shouldered by

modern society.’


Paul Sussman - Big Issue

First produced in 1994, this satirical theatrical revue is based on a traditional requiem format, which is also a review of Conservative rule the last time round, from 1979 - 1997. The words are selected from Simon Rae's weekly Saturday poems, which appeared during that time in The Guardian, set in a variety of musical styles by Sue Casson.


The idea of using Rae's poems as the basis for writing a revue in the form of a Requiem was director Tom Blackmore’s.


Based on a Latin liturgy, the traditional requiem follows the progress of departed souls from the moment of death and mourning, to their final resting place in paradise, with each movement describing a different stage in the journey. This revue charts a journey that begins with the Falklands War, through the money grabbing 80’s, and looks towards the possible paradise we have in prospect.


It is a requiem for jobs, homes and aspirations; for paternalism in the workplace; for the right to personal privacy - and collectively, for an understanding of what truly matters in a world where the relentless pursuit of commercialism seems to have overshadowed all other considerations.  


With our first exclusively Conservative government in nearly 20 years presently in power, it is striking how little has changed. The message of Requiem remains as relevant now as it did 20 years ago.

Requiem Artwork

A musical snapshot of

Conservative Britain.


played at the Edinburgh and London Fringes 1996.



Delroy Atkinson

Abi Blackmore

Sue Casson

John Herriman

Laurence Taylor

'This all singing, (but no dancing) show is absolutely fabulous...put Requiem on your list of must sees.'



The Dies Irae, Liber Scriptus and Offertorium from Requiem featured in ALBION FORLORN at the Edinburgh Fringe 2013.