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Robert writes:


'In 2014 I was in a very creative mood and I decided to create a film. At that time English Cabaret had the great idea (not biased or anything ) to create its' own Cabaret Hour.  And so  I decided to make the film for English Cabaret Hour. I was watching a lot of YouTube videos then, and if  you have watched  YouTube even for just a little bit you will find a lot of characters. YouTube is a platform for people to be creative and innovative so that was the theme for my film.  And because English Cabaret decided cabaret isn't cabaret without live comedy, we  decided to make some sketches to go with it.


At the Edingburgh Fringe in 2014 I introduced my sketches and my film. It was called  UPLOAD.  


This word UPLOAD sounds very strange to me and I think my concept is as well.


When you are young you learn different concepts that you have to live with and trust.  In the generation that I am a part of  we've  had to learn to trust the internet and things that come with it. When I  say the word  UPLOAD is strange  I mean the concept behind it is strange and deceitful, but also exciting and out of this world .


You may be thinking, 'Why technology and media?'  I  have been workng with media sites most of my life, which is not very long but it's long enough to know what the concept is. I have been very lucky to be able  to work  with the new technology when  learning.  I love to work with new technology to tell the stories that I want to tell . So  I decided in my infinite wisdom  (I chuckle to myself) to tell people stories  through the camera lens and tell stories about  media and  technology in my own way.


I changed my persona name to UPLOAD so it will be  easier for people to remember the project name.

I have already created 2  out of the 4 films.  Ideally I  will  remake  the first 2 films and add the show  sketches from the English Cabaret Hour to tell more story to add to the final piece.


Project UPLOAD will bring you the 4 films


1:   UPLOAD  (remake with sketches)

2:   YOU'RE MAKING ME LOOK GOOD CORTANA (remake with sketches)  


4:   UNITY


In the next few years I am looking forward to making  these films. To follow the project go to  my website  or click below.'

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UPLOAD premiered in the English Cabaret Hour of 2014 and developed in 2015. It is an onstage/online project of sketches and songs which explores emerging media and technology through the eyes of the teenage Robert. Robert outlines his plans below.

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